Mickey Mouse Cake

Published June 21, 2012 by Molly Misdemeanor

Mickey Mouse is beyond iconic.  Mickey makes many think of childhood, cartoons, innocence, wonder, and of course, Disneyland. I grew up 15 minutes away for the Magic Kingdom and, to be honest, was never a huge fan…until recently.  A little over a year ago I bought my then fiance and myself year passes to Disneyland.  I was not a fan, but he is eternally a 5-year-old at heart that is thrilled each and every time he walks through those gates.  Entering Disneyland with the convenience of coming and going as I pleased, without the worry of staying all day and trying to get on as many rides as possible, made me actually really enjoy myself and had me looking forward to our next trip.  This year for my husband’s birthday I decided to get us new Disney passes and to make him this cake to go along with the theme.

This cake was made from 2 8 inch x 2″ round chocolate cakes sliced, filled, and stacked.  The cake is 4 layers thick and stood about 6 inches from the base to the center of the head.  The cake was carved into a sphere and then covered in black fondant first and then the whole cake was again covered in red fondant.  The red fondant was then carefully cut all the way around at the midline and the top layer was removed allowing the black to show through.  The yellow buttons were made out of fondant dyed yellow that was rolled out and cut using a small oval fondant cutter.  The ears, made from mixing black pre-dyed Satin Ice fondant and Wilton gum paste powder, were hand cut and added another 3 inches to the height.  In order to get the ears to attach to the cake they were skewered with cookie sticks and, once dry, were then pushed into the cake.  The ears were the most complicated thing about making this cake and they should, ideally, be made a couple of days ahead of time to ensure they are firm and completely dry.


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